Women in the NFT world

4 min readApr 30, 2023


The success of a drop depends on the project’s creator’s ability to generate enough attention when his collection is launched. The diversity of the WEB3 world lies in the personalities of the project founders. Unsurprisingly, behind the buzz of NFTs are exciting and interesting characters.

It’s like the fashion world. Colourful, showy and a bit pretentious. Project founders are successful artists, community builders and innovators. Their different goals and visions also define the diversity of the WEB3 communities built by women creators.

The NFT artist archetype: a new category in WEB3. Mostly digital artists, sometimes Ai professionals. For them, it’s an exciting challenge to conquer NFT fans who see a new expression of art in their collections. Those with a bigger and better-known fan base will naturally reach more people. This is the biggest challenge for them.

Many people don’t know that one of the first women’s projects made history in February 2015. Five months before the birth of Ethereum, conceptual artist Sarah Meyohas released the first artistic tokenisation on the blockchain.

Six years later, the artist migrated Bitchcoin to the Ethereum chain and issued reserved Bitchcoins (NFT) to coincide with Red Bull Arts’ groundbreaking Cloud of Petals exhibition in New York. Each of the 3291 NFTs was a unique pressed rose petal.

Not only do artists change our world

Representatives from the top women’s NFT collections showed the importance of their projects at several Galaxis Twitter events. We’ve selected some of them now, as you’ll be able to see them in the various NFT marketplaces soon.

But for this interview, we have chosen not the profile of an artist but an innovator who wants to radically change banking as we know it.

Bankless DAO is a very strongly organised community. 13 guilds do the operational work. The whole ethos of the organisation is based on community decision-making, is fully in line with the WEB3 philosophy and is completely decentralised.

They are currently working towards reaching 1 million members worldwide. Jasu Victorio from Argentina is working as a product coordinator on the success of Bankless Dao. She said, “As a Product Coordinator at Bankless Card, a leading DEFI application, I have proven my expertise in coordinating technology, product and business development teams.”

Galaxis: Why did you start this project?

J.V.: I started this project because life in DAOS is exciting but confusing and chaotic. It’s hard to border on toolings and engage people with their tokens in it. So we thought about having a virtual card and wallet created to facilitate that bridge and working with different levels of builders to make a super design-thinking product.

Galaxis: How did you come up with the idea of DAO?

J.V.: I feel like I always liked the idea of ​​empowering others and creating great things as a team. I feel that a DAO involves the mission of empowering communities without limits of language barriers or countries and generates amazing knowledge opportunities. Since I’ve been at Bankless DAO, I have led and participated in great projects that have opened my predisposition to the world.

Galaxis: How do you envision the future of NFT in your project?

J.V.: I feel like NFTs are a super important element of engagement and community builder. Currently, we are looking for the profiles to be directly NFT and also link the different collections of each DAO that is making partners with us.

This short little interview shows that the best way to achieve big goals is to build community. The Galaxis team believes in the transformative power of communities. One of the key goals of the platform we are building is to create communities of like-minded innovators, fans and artists.

Written by Tamas Peter Turcsan



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