Punk Royale Walkthrough

7 min readFeb 7, 2024
The Punk Royale Walkthrough

First Steps


Visit account.galaxis.xyz, connect a wallet containing an Ether Card with Punk Ticket(s), and register to play the game.

Galaxis Events, Connect Wallet

After connecting the wallet, choose which — if any details to share. These fields are optional.

Galaxis Events, Registration Form

Next, accept the terms and conditions. After clicking on the Register button, sign the transaction.

Enroll in the Punk Royale Tournament

After signing the transaction, return to Galaxis Events and Enroll card(s) to the tournament.

Galaxis Events, Enroll Now

After clicking on the Enroll Now button, connect a compatible wallet. Your eligible cards will be listed at this point, and you can enroll your cards.

Punk Royale I., Enroll All Cards Now

Click Enroll All Cards Now, sign the wallet transaction, and you are ready to go! If you want to buy more cards, you can do that by clicking on the Buy More button.

Buy More Ether Cards with Punk Battle Ticket

Eligible cards can be enrolled while the registration phase is open.

The Punk Battle

There are 3 Punk Royale tournaments.
Each tournament has multiple rounds, and each round has its own phases.

The Preparation Phase

The Preparation Phase lasts about 24 hours. A countdown timer is displayed in the Punk Royale round timeline for each phase.

Punk Royale, The Preparation Phase

During the Preparation Phase, the owner of the cards can decide to use the 1Up trait as a protective shield to sacrifice one of their Punk Battle tickets to triple their chances and increase their chance of winning the next pairing.

Activate card traits and tickets by interacting with the buttons below your cards.

Attack Power Icon

The default Attack Power is 1.

After burning a Punk Ticket, the Attack Power will be 3.

1Up Trait Icon

The first icon below a card is the heart icon, representing the 1UP Traits.
1UP Traits work like a protective shield and will give an extra life if the card is eliminated during the round. It is used automatically. However, 1UP Traits may be transferred between cards in the same participating wallet.

Empty White Heart Icon Outline: You are in a Preparation Phase, but there is no 1UP on your card. By clicking on the icon — your 1UP trait can be transferred to or from one Ether Card to another registered card participating in the game (in the same wallet).

Magenta Heart Icon: Your 1UP trait is active and will be used automatically in the Battle Phase.

Empty Grey Heart Icon Outline: You are not in the Preparation Phase. The 1UP is not active.

Grey Heart Icon: You are not in the Preparation Phase. The 1UP is active.

The Punk Ticket Icon

You can activate your Punk Ticket by clicking on the second icon listed below your cards.

The number on the icon shows how many tickets you have, and when you have used up all of your tickets, the icon turns grey.

Before activating your ticket, you’ll see a warning message. The activation is finalized after clicking on the Burn Ticket button and signing the process.

Punk Royale, Burn Punk Ticket Disclaimer

Burning Punk Battle tickets will triple your chances in the round you use it.

You can only interact with 1UP trait and Punk Ticket during the Preparation Phase in every round.

When the Preparation Phase ends, players can no longer interact; game admins will save data on the chain and call Chainlink VRF.

The Battle History Icon

The third icon is the Battle History Icon. Clicking on this icon shows how your card performed throughout the rounds.

Punk Royale, Battle History List

The Cooldown Phase

In the Cooldown Phase — trait-modified data is already on the chain: activated triple chances and 1ups have already been sent to the battle contract.

Punk Royale, The Cooldown Phase

The Battle Phase

During the Fight Phase — the cards are paired randomly, and a winner is selected. The winner stays in the tournament and advances to the next round, and the loser is out.

All randomness in the tournament is handled by Chainlink VRF.

Punk Royale, The Battle Phase

When the battle ends, your cards are updated. The display shows which cards are still in the game and the eliminated ones as well.

If you didn’t burn your Punk Trait, your eliminated cards will be eligible in the upcoming tournaments.

Punk Royale, Eliminated Cards

The Battle Field

Throughout the entire game, you can see the battlefield.

Players who do not have 1UP Trait or burned Punk Tickets are represented by the helmet icon.

A yellow arrow will appear on the helmet if a player has a 1UP trait active.

Helmets with a blue P represent the players who have activated their Punk Tickets.

Eliminated players are represented by the skull icons on a red background.

Punk Royale, The Battlefield

Final Questions

What Happens If You Win?

You advance to the next round.

If you are the only one advancing to the next round — CONGRATULATIONS! You won the tournament and will receive the CryptoPunk NFT — in a process similar to the delivery of the previous 27 punks.

What Happens If You Lose?

If you lose, there are two possibilities.

  1. If your card has a 1UP trait, that trait will be burned, and you advance to the next round. You don’t have a choice in this regard; the 1UP trait will be used the first time you lose, and you will advance. The process is fully automatic.
  2. If your card does not have a 1UP trait, then you are out of the tournament. GG.

What happens if there are an odd number of participants in a round?

One randomly selected participant will get a free pass to the next round.

Will there be a gas fee on burning a ticket or moving a 1 UP trait?

There are no gas fees at all — only signed messages to confirm your identity.

Is there an opportunity to report suspected bugs or errors during the game?

Yes, but only in the cooldown phase. For additional support, please open a ticket in the official Galaxis Discord server: https://discord.gg/galaxis.

How will the CryptoPunk be delivered to the winner?

We will send the CryptoPunk NFT to the winner in a process similar to the delivery of the previous 27 punks.


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