NFT Gamification: new ways for loyalty programmes

5 min readApr 28, 2023

Traditional loyalty programs have long used gamification solutions, and NFT is greatly expanding the scope of gamification. However, these use cases are not yet widely used by companies, even though blockchain technology offers an excellent tool for specific marketing purposes, such as increasing brand awareness.

Definition of gamification in a nutshell: The application of game mechanisms and game elements in business, marketing or educational domains that are completely independent of games. This can make activities previously unrelated to games more fun, exciting and motivating. The aim is to give people motivation and a positive experience through gamification.

The primary step in using gamification is to understand people’s motivations and needs because they are motivated by different things, and we need to build our business processes around these. For example, if people are motivated by competition and recognition, we must introduce competition and rankings as part of the project.

Gamification can not only increase customer motivation, but it can also help to optimise business processes. For example, introducing playful elements can help to raise brand awareness and can also be helpful in sales processes, increasing the number of sales.

So gamification can also be linked to marketing goals and objectives, such as encouraging conversions, improving customer loyalty or increasing customer engagement. Companies’ direct contact with customers can also be simplified through such techniques.

Loyalty programmes are the foundation for community building.

For a sports team, a well-known artist or a community around a franchise, it is essential to build a bond. In this community, the members are bound together by the importance they place on the object of their affection.

Because of the same goals and interests, fans are happy to get involved in a campaign that makes it more personal for them. Sports fans are keen to collect sports cards; modern patrons support artists. A multitude of film and TV franchises offer opportunities to reach fans on a variety of topics. NFT is also part of the modern merchandising options.

Many solutions for rewarding fans promise some form of personalisation and insight. The fan can feel enriched with a unique and exclusive artefact. It could be a personal meeting, an autograph or a real object from the subject of the fan.

GRD, Tokaido Cats, Etherendy… one option for three solutions has recently launched several collections to demonstrate the potential of digital collectibles technology. Girls, Robots, Dragons were the first experiment in which collectors could not only obtain familiar digital graphics in NFT format.

The collection attempted to demonstrate the platform's exciting possibilities for artistic graphics.

Users were also introduced to a token collection solution when they purchased NFT, which intended to use to build an ecosystem. The tokens obtained in this way were later used to acquire new collections, so the Tokaido Cats, which have just been released, can be seen as a continuation of the experiment started with GRD.

At Galaxis, the utility tokens previously dreamed up are now being rolled out on an ongoing basis. Special features have been added to the digital collections. In GRD, the task is to collect 15 different characters, and the possibility of redeeming them will soon cause a severe exchange between fans who collect the collection.

Tokaido Cats implements a new type of collectible feature. Users only need to collect a single artefact. However, this is from a collection of 5500 pieces. A total of 53 different pieces need to be found, exchanged or bought to make up the big picture. Of course, the hard-working collectors are also in competition with each other.

A real standout in the recently launched Digital Collectibles range is Etherendy, the world’s first to offer a collection of 500 pieces of art to severe collectors. The “phygitals”, or combining physical and digital artwork, is the big news of 2023. This will be combined with a gamification solution in the project that will release the collection.

From experiments to technological presentations

All projects so far have had the same goal, to show the great potential of NFT technology. A wide range of digital loyalty and discount cards will soon appear on the market. In this trend, gamification holds unique opportunities for companies that do not want to give their users just a club card.

The abundance of exciting opportunities not only appeals to the crypto and NFT community, but it also has the potential to give companies unique connectivity to their customers. This is how a themed art collection can meet practical opportunities. No longer does a loyalty card have to be boring, and new and exciting solutions can be added to such digital community-building tools.

In the near future, blockchain technology will replace the plastic cards still in widespread use today. It seems that combining the two technologies could mean that our plastic cards, which are still only suitable for payment, could be equipped with digital features. strives to implement technology solutions to create new digital communities. The platform will also help us offer a safer environment for these communities, protecting users from fraudsters. Gamification can thus become a popular tool for fan communities and an effective motivational tool for digital collections.

Written by Tamas Peter Turcsan



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