Etherendy: The World’s first tokenised artefact collection

4 min readApr 21, 2023


“Etherendy” is the first brand to create a link between traditional art collections and cutting-edge blockchain technology. A unique 500-piece handmade classic tile set that will be sold as the world’s first “phygital” tokenised art collection.

The media is increasingly talking about NFTs and digital collectables that will combine digital and physical artworks in 2023. A pioneering initiative will launch the first collection in April, where NFT technology meets traditional art to create a unique value.

Etherendy Digital Tokens

The “Etherendy” is a speciality that is a novelty in both appearance and value, even for those who have been following the non-fungible token market for a long time. Unlike traditional NFTs, the collection now being released consists not only in digital form but also of physical artefacts. This means that each piece in the “Etherendy” collection is a valuable and unique work of art in its own right. Not just classic European art, respected and well-known collectables, but a token speciality, the value of which is that only the limited edition being released now exists. All items are hand-painted, hand-gilded and individually serial numbered by the collection and the 197-year-old European classic manufacturer.

“Etherendy” tokens are dynamic, which means they have multiple utilities on them. Most utilities are working as serious discounts for the next Etherendy token sales. Their collection value will be the basis for some interactive collaborations in the future, where Etherendys can be used as item boosters or treasure tokens in selected projects.

While the collection is a fusion of classic art and digital technology, the organisers expect their customers to expect more special things from the project.

By purchasing tokens, the owner will have the physical artwork(s) for free as part of the token. Collectors will also participate in a collectable metagame, with a grand prize organised around the collection’s unique colour marking on the tokens, which is in the centre of the game.

We asked the project's creator how the idea for the Etherendy collection came about.

From the beginning, we thought that the 2021 NFT explosion was just the start of something new, something epochal. We started development of the project in the spring of 2021 because Galaxis’ technology was already capable of overlaying utilities on NFT tokens to enable the tokenisation of objects. This allowed us to start thinking about how we could take advantage of the then-newly introduced novelty of dynamic utilities on tokens.

Etherendy Physical Artworks

Physical crypto tokens were already known, but they were only packaging. We believe that by providing this store of value in the form of a truly valuable classical artefact, combined with state-of-the-art blockchain technology, it is possible to simultaneously innovate the commercial approach and measurement of the value of classical artefacts and NFT. The past year has raised many questions about what makes an NFT valuable; we are not speculative but have been offering collectors a real store of value from the outset.

Why did you choose to tokenise porcelain artefacts?

Porcelain is timeless, and there are some brilliant porcelain artefacts from thousands of years old Asian masters. Porcelain has been called White Gold for centuries and is still a treasured, refined, classic store of value, which collectors of classical art have long been collecting.

Eztherendy offers a collection that, for the first time in the world, has tokenised a complete collector’s series in the world of NFTs, praising the work of European masters from a manufacturer that has been in operation since 1826. Each digital token comes with a physical original, which the token holder can obtain in physical form through an NFT utility.

The creators of “Etherendy” hope to attract art collectors with other super limited edition collections in the future, so this one, which is being released now, can be seen as a kind of introduction. They believe that the combination of classical art and cutting-edge blockchain technology will create value and renew the market for collectable classical and digital artworks.

Collectors and investors interested in the collection can find more information on the Etherendy website.

Written by Tamas Peter Turcsan



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