Dive Into Punk Royale: Your Ultimate Guide to Winning a CryptoPunk

4 min readNov 6, 2023
Win a CryptoPunk in Punk Royale! Register with an Ether Card, strategize, and conquer.

In this ever-changing world of NFTs, CryptoPunks stand out as a true gem. And now, with the Punk Royale tournament, you have the chance to make one of them yours. From seasoned gamers to newbies, this tournament is a golden opportunity for anyone looking to take their shot at winning a coveted CryptoPunk.

The Hype: What’s Punk Royale?

Get ready for an electrifying experience as Punk Royale brings you an exciting multi-tournament event. We’re thrilled to fulfill our long-standing promise to the Ether.Cards community, and we’re doing it in style.

Brace yourself for three consecutive tournaments, where each winner will walk away with a coveted CryptoPunk. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to join the action and claim your spot among the champions!

Eligibility: Who Can Dive In?

If you possess an Ether Card with a Punk Ticket trait, you’re already a contender! Each tournament requires separate registration, so ensure you’re on top of the schedule.

Register your card here: http://account.galaxis.xyz/

The Battle Rules: Preparation and Fight

The Preparation Phase: Lasting roughly a day, this is your chance to strategize. Here, you can opt to sacrifice a Punk Battle ticket to double your odds of succeeding.

The Fight Phase: This is where the action heats up! Cards are paired randomly, determining winners and losers. Winners move on, while the defeated either bow out or use their 1UP trait.

Game of Chance? Not Quite!

At the beginning of the game, all cards have an equal chance of winning. However, during the Preparation Phase, you have the option to increase your odds of winning by sacrificing a ticket. This sacrifice will boost your card’s winning probability to 3:1, effectively tripling your chances of winning.

Just keep in mind that sacrificing a ticket doesn’t guarantee a win — it only increases your chances. So, take a risk, make the most of every moment, and see if you can come out on top!

Navigating Wins and Losses

On Winning: Sail through to the next round. If you’re the last one standing? The CryptoPunk is yours!

On Losing: Possess a 1UP trait? It’s automatically burned, allowing you another shot. No 1UP trait? It’s game over for you, but there’s always next time.

Special Note: With an odd number of participants, luck may favor you with a free pass to the subsequent round.

Claiming Your CryptoPunk Prize

You are the lucky winner of the CryptoPunk NFT? We will send the CryptoPunk NFT to the winner, in a process similar to the delivery of the previous 27 punks.

In-between Tournaments: Keeping Your Game Strong

Lose in one tournament? No worries. As long as you have a Punk Ticket, dive back in. But remember: sacrificing your only Punk Ticket means you can’t re-enter the next tournament unless you acquire another ticket or a new card with a Punk Ticket trait.

Selling Your Card Mid-Tournament?

Yes, you can! If sold, the new owner simply continues where you left off. Seamless and straightforward.

After the Final Battle: Remaining Tickets

All unsold Punk Royale tickets will be burned after the final tournament. They may be replaced with commemorative badges, but the decision is not yet made.

Final Thoughts

Join the exhilarating world of Punk Royale and seize the opportunity to win big with CryptoPunk. With careful strategy and a thorough understanding of the rules, victory is well within your grasp.

Get in the game now and start your journey to success!



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