Digital Autograph for All

4 min readJun 12, 2023

Since the birth of the first NFTs, has been experimenting with how to add useful features to digital artworks that are valuable to collectors. Their latest innovation, the first digital collectibles with digital autographs, has just been unveiled in the highly successful Girls, Robots, and Dragons collection. The solution will soon be available via the company’s NFT platform.

The rare and precious signature of a politician, artist, or sportsman can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars to collectors. Such signatures and testimonials always commemorate an event, sometimes with a more personal message to reinforce the fans’ enthusiasm. An autograph can often authenticate a valuable painting, prove authenticity, or delight a fan. Any of these features will soon be easily implemented by the designers of NFT collections, with just a few clicks by users.

The new solution was presented personally by the founder of Galaxis live in Galaxis’ Weekly Updates. The signature feature will be followed by further enhancements, adding exciting and exciting possibilities to the collections toolbox for NFT collectors and digital businesses.

“We can now easily and quickly autograph any piece of our digital collection. We can add the signature of our artists to digital artworks, and fan collector cards can have the signature of our favorite sports player. Or maybe you can authenticate a precious object with our latest development. The first examples of the digital autographs we have just introduced are on special pieces from our collection of some of our finest and have captivated fans since they were released.” — explains Kristóf András, founder of

In addition to the autograph function, the platform offers many other useful options for those who don’t imagine digital collectibles in the usual way.

“Two years ago, when we started developing our platform, the huge hype led to a lot of people buying NFTs for speculative purposes. Now the hype seems to have subsided, and we hope that the digital solutions will benefit from useful features. We believe that the digital loyalty and community cards we are developing will soon gain the trust of customers and be widely adopted worldwide.” — says Kristóf András.

Today, customers do not need to bother with traditional hassles; the new generation of digital trading cards, art cards, or discount cards can be purchased with the click of a button without the need for crypto funds or a traditional wallet.

Customers can now access their digital cards in a simpler and hassle-free way. Purchases can be made in the usual way, with a fixed value, using a credit card.

“We are trying to bring to market features that can be exciting for popular brands, global companies, and specific communities. Our digital solutions are also popular with celebrities with large fan bases who want to build a closer relationship with their fans. Our clients have included Lamelo Ball, Mike Tyson, and Val Kilmer.”

The company’s development concept focuses on creating a new generation of digital loyalty and community cards. Their blockchain-based solutions replace the plastic and mobile cards currently used in commerce; the platform allows project owners to design a closed communication system within the community. The platform is currently being tested in beta and will soon open its doors to a wide range of users.



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